Women's Winter/Spring Bible Study:

Ephesians & How To Study the Bible For Yourself (but not only by yourself)

Two Options for Joining:
  • Wednesdays at 9 AM (limited childcare available) or Sundays at 4:30 PM (no childcare)
  • A workbook will be provided by the church to all who register for the class.
  • If you would like to purchase an Ephesians Scripture journal, you can do so here or here.
  • Please pick up a free copy of Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin from Amanda or another Bible study leader.

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Studies will begin Sunday, January 28 and Wednesday, January 31. There are ten sessions to work through together. We will spend the first sessions working together on Bible study methods and habits, and then we will work through the book of Ephesians in small sections for the remaining weeks. There will be both small group discussion and large group teaching times in each session.
Questions? Please contact Amanda MacBrayne 



What is the Mission of the Women's Bible Study Network?

The mission of the Women's Bible Study Network is to have a network of women at Holy Cross equipped and empowered to grow in their knowledge of God's Word and therefore bretter prepared to faithfully shape their own lives and the lives of those around them.

What do we value?

  • Robust Biblical Study: In a world of self-help books and 24-hr news cycle the Word of God is the unique and preeminant voice in our lives to equip us for godly living and leads us to real healing and hope. We start with the Word of God at the heart of everything we do because through it we come to know of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and how our lives are to reflect his glory.
  • Authentic Friendship: True, Biblical friendship is a risky endeavor--but it's a worthwhile risk. We desire to go beyond small talk and actively discover the beautiful and always faithful way the gospel speaks into our lives--mess and all. 
  • Mentorship: Through the Women's Bible Study Network, we pray that relationships between women of all life stages and experiences can be fostered in order to impart and receive wisdom, understanding, and the tangible love of Christ. 
  • Solidarity & Unity: We believe that Jesus intends for his church to be a connectional, unified people. Our different groups are not in competition with one another, but rather we actively express our unity by finding ways to support one another and work together in our common mission. No one is truly on their own.



Q: Is the Women's Bible Study Network a substitute for Life Group?

A: We hope the Womens Bible Studies do not become substitutes for our Life Groups, but rather a helpful supplement. Our Life Groups really serve a broader vision in how we are transformed by the gospel in community with others. Our co-ed Life Groups allow us to meet weekly with a diverse community of people, re-orienting our lives around the gospel--yet we appreciate and affirm the unique opportunity for women to study the Bible with other women. We design our Women Bible Studies to never be in competition with our Life Groups and vice-versa and hope you can take advantage of both of these worthwhile ministries. You can learn more about our Life Groups, here.

Q: Can anyone participate in a Women's Bible Study?

A: Our goal is to have any woman at Holy Cross who wants to grow in understanding the Bible to have access to a women's Bible study led by a trained leader. All are welcome.

Q: Is a women's Bible Study a good place for a non-Christian or a new Christian?

A: We certainly hope these unique settings will be a great place to bring a friend wrestling with what the Bible says. Our Women's Bible Studies are a way to learn about God, grow with other women, and be mentored by others. The door to our groups are open to non-Christians, seekers, or skeptics.

Q: Can anyone lead a Women's Bible Study?

A: If you discern that God is calling you to serve the church as a Bible Study leader, we encourage you to attend a future Women's Bible Teacher Network Training. Leaders are prayerfully determined by the elders of our church considering a combination of factors including biblical qualification, character, calling, and readiness.