We gather together as a church and celebrate

Our time on Sunday helps us to re-orient our lives around Christ and his love for us. We do this through singing songs about the work and character of God, opening up the Bible to hear of God's redemptive plan for us in Jesus, and speaking to God through silent and spoken prayers. We also participate in a brief meal, called The Lord's Supper which is meant to represent the ongoing renewal of God's love and fellowship with us.

We tell the story of the gospel

The gospel is the story of God that says: "God has designed all things good. All things are damaged by sin and evil. Our only hope of restoration is in Jesus." This means, that even if we are not good, even if we have a bad record, when we believe in Jesus we are accepted not on the basis of our record but the record of Jesus. He lived the life we should have lived and died the death that we deserve - so that we could share in his joy as if we have accomplished everything that Jesus accomplished. We truly love telling this story each week.

We form solid habits

It is here we seek to form habits for worshipping God and for living out the implications of the gospel in our everyday lives. Our service is not meant to be merely learning information about God, or even having an experience with God - but to renew our devotion to Him as his redeemed people, and be reminded of His gospel promises to us, enjoyed by faith in Jesus Christ. This challenges us and reminds us of our identity and mission in Christ as we scatter throughout the week, sent into every corner of our lives and armed with the message of God's love and forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ.