Being new at a church can be difficult. We hope to make the process of getting to know us as easy as possible. On your first visit, stop by our Welcome Table near the entrance. There, you can fill out a Connect Card and grab some information that tells you about our Church.

Here are some frequently asked questions: 

What is the service like? 

Each week, we have a bulletin printed up for you to follow along with the service flow. You can grab one of these from a door greeter when you enter. The flow of our service is simple, yet intentional and contemporary, but meant to point us to Jesus each week. Typical elements include some singing, praying, a life-application teaching from the Bible, a brief meal called The Lord's Supper, and an offertory (twice per month). We invite all to stand during singing (if you are comfortable/able), and to sit during the time of teaching.

What should I wear? 

You are invited to come as you are. It's really difficult to say exactly what most people wear. If anything, our members and attendees tend to dress more casual. If you wear a collar and slacks, or a t-shirt and jeans - you won't stand out either way. We've even seen some cowboy boots from time to time - it's Tucson!

What should I do with my kids? 

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 10.36.13 AMWe care about your kids! We have a pretty amazing kids team who will provide a loving, caring, and safe environment where they can learn about Jesus. We currently have classes for nursery - 5th grade. If you arrive with kids in that age range, be sure to check-in at our check-in station clearly marked off the main entrance. For first time visitors, this helpful parent guide will help you prepare for your visit. See more info on our kids ministry HERE.