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The purpose of the gospel community is to give physical demonstration to the grace of God." Brad House (Community)



gospel conversations


How does the gospel shape our view on racism?

What does it really mean to trust in the gospel?

How ought a Christian view depression and emotional health?

These are some of the important conversations in which Christians must engage. This Summer, Holy Cross invites you into a relational setting where we can listen, learn, and respond faithfully to some of our culture's most pressing needs. Our need and desire for connecting with others and being shaped by the gospel in community is just as vital as ever. See details, topics, and dates below. Registration is currently open for all discussions.


  • Casual environment, designated by gender.
  • Meets at Holy Cross Church
  • Childcare not provided, but nursery open for use.
  • Appropriate social distancing habits will be in place. (see graphic below)
  • Registration is required.


#1 - The Freedom of Self-Forgetfullness by Tim Keller

  • This is an essay (30-40 min read) which addresses one of the most central themes of the New Testament - What is the gospel and how does it create a truly deep-rooted, life-altering change in our lives?
  • Men: June 17th
  • Women: June 24th
  • This topic includes a free copy of Tim Keller's essay The Freedom of Self-Forgetfullness. Upon registration, a leader will get a copy to you. 
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#2 - The Gospel and Race Relations

  • In this discussion, we desire to listen how to have a better understanding of the current racial tension in our country and how to faithfully apply the claims of the gospel onto a society filled with past and present racial injustice.
  • Men: July 1st
  • Women: July 8th
  • To better prepare for conversation, please read the article, "Justice Too Long Delayed" from Christianity Today.
  • Have a question about gospel & race? Submit your question or topic below and it may be addressed during our discussion.
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#3 - The Gospel and Emotional Health

  • Many Christians mistakenly believe that true Christians don't (or shouldn't) get depressed or struggle with other emotional health distresses. This will be a fruitful discussion on how to understand and address emotional health with gospel insight.
  • Men: July 15th
  • Women: July 22nd
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For questions about our Summer Life Group, please contact our Director of Family and Community, Peter Zimmer.

What is a Life Group? 

Life Groups are our small group communities that meet weekly in different locations, often in homes. Our goal is to radically re-orient our lives around the gospel as a community.

Why should I join a Life Group? 

Life Groups are born out of the conviction that we are created to be communal people - made in the image of God and created to love God and others. They are the place where we learn to rely on God's grace and experience the gospel's transformation. They are places not just for information transfer but for modeling and growth in wisdom. It is in this setting that the gospel is worked into the fabric of our daily lives and into our hearts.

What happens in a Life Group?

Our time spent in Life Groups is focused on the thoughtful study of the Bible, the living out of community through efforts of hospitality and friendship and the overflow of acts of compassion, service, and love for others. They are much more than a coming together for data sharing or support or social activity. They are life-together. We eat together, read the Bible, pray together, and exchange counsel. We play. 

Want to learn more about Life Groups?

Read our brief booklet called "An Introduction to Participating in Authentic Community at Holy Cross". It's a great way to further learn about our mission and hope for living out our faith together. 

Need help finding a Life Group? 

Click the button to fill out the Life Group form and a leader will follow up soon.LIFE GROUP