We love our children, not because they are the church of tomorrow, but because they are an integral part of the church of today. Their presence is a reminder of God's care for our church and our mutual responsibility to disciple even the youngest members. Their integration into the life of the church has never been more important.  

Planning a Visit?

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Even with our youngest kids, we strive to plant the first seeds of a strong gospel-centered foundation. We do not see our time with your children as merely babysitting but hope to point them to Jesus as we worship through song, tell stories from the Bible, and gather in groups to talk about Jesus. 

  • A Bible lesson is taught each week with a key focus on the gospel of Jesus. When you leave your child with the teachers, you can expect them to interact with the Bible and be prayed for.

  • Check out our informative and helpful Parent's Guide here. You can also pick up a copy at our check-in kiosk on Sunday.

  • In an effort to help support parents in the discipleship of their children, we provide a loving and safe environment for kids (birth - 5th grade) to learn about Jesus and begin to form solid gospel habits.

Sunday Morning Check-In

Please check in all children at the designated kiosk at the entrance, prior to service.

Nursery (Birth - 2 yrs)

  • Our nursery is open every Sunday, beginning 10 minutes prior to service.
  • Please pick up your child after the worship service.

Preschool Classroom (3 yrs - K)

  • Our preschool classroom is open every Sunday.
  • Preschoolers will join their parent(s) in the sanctuary for singing and will be dismissed to their classroom about 20-25 minutes into the service.
  • Please pick up your child from their classroom after the worship service.
  • Our preschool class learns from The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible. Classtime includes prayer, a Bible lesson, singing, Scripture memory, activities, and free play.

Elementary Classroom (1st gr. - 5th gr.)

  • Our elementary classroom is open on the 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the month, for both services.
  • Elementary kids will join their parent(s) in the sanctuary for singing and will be dismissed to their classroom during the greeting portion (about 20-25 minutes into the service).
  • Please pick up your child from their classroom rafter the worship service.
  • Our elementary class learns from The Biggest Story Curriculum as well as The New City Catechism. Classtime includes a Bible lesson, prayer, Scripture memory, singing, and activities.


Our prayer is that our children would understand God's True Story and begin to hide God's Word in their hearts. Each month Miss Amanda sends out a newsletter with lesson information and resources for learning the Scripture, catechism, and hymn of the month not only in the classroom but at home as well. You can find this month's newsletter here.

Cry Room

A private cry room off the sanctuary is provided for mothers who desire to nurse during the service or for little ones who have become fussy. Audio of the service is provided.

Our Vision For Parents & Children

At the heart of our ministry to kids on Sunday morning is teaching the Bible and learning about Jesus.

Our ministry to kids is not only about the discipleship of young people but is also a great way for parents and volunteers to grow spiritually as they learn how to communicate gospel truths to children. See Deuteronomy 6:6-7

How discipleship happens for your children varies from family to family.

Even though each family is unique, we believe that meaningful discipleship of your children can take place as young people are shown by the parents what it looks like to be willing participants in a diverse congregation. It is healthy for children to see their parents and others worshipping God, sitting under God’s Word as it is taught, sacrificially serving the church, and saturating their lives with the gospel.

We encourage parents to build intentional time into the rhythm of family life.

Find time as a family to pray together, to discuss God's Word together, and to serve your church and community together - in order to better live out the gospel together. 


Ministry to our children is heavily reliant on caring volunteers. This modeling of sacrificial service is not only beneficial for our children, but impacts our volunteers and parents in vital ways. If you are interested in volunteering, go HERE.