52 Tables is a ministry of Holy Cross Church aimed at saturating our lives with a mission-mindset. It is driven by a heart of hospitality, love for neighbor, and engagement in God's mission.

Through 52 Tables, we desire to see God's people hosting dinner gatherings every week of the year. These gatherings become conduits for friendship, connection, belonging, and opportunities for faithful witness of the gospel.

The Basics of 52 Tables

  • Each participating household commits to host at least two (2) meals a year for the purpose of hospitality and outreach.
  • The goal is to have households throughout Holy Cross hosting meals in their homes, every week of the year. Hence, 52 Tables.
  • Hosts invite 1-2 other households from Holy Cross, plus 1-2 households not from Holy Cross. Ideally these are co-workers, neighbors, gym acquintances, friends from shool, etc.

How do I get involved?

  • Click the "Host a Table" button below, which will take you to our registration page. 
  • There are 52 weeks listed, corresponding to each week of the year. 
  • Weeks already claimed by other hosts will be listed as "full". Pick an alternate week.
  • Answer the questions when prompted and complete your registration. That's it!
  • Be sure to peruse the resources below for helpful tips.

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Preparing to Host?

Check out these 1 minute Q + A videos