Give Thanks: 20% of all year-end giving to outward-focused ministries

give thanks 2019_slide

Our year-end “Give Thanks” offering is back for 2019

This is when we commit 20% of all gifts given to the general fund in the months of November and December to outward-focused ministries like local and international missionaries, church-planting, and mercy ministries.


Last year our “Give Thanks” offering generated over $22,000 with a 2018 total of $33,000 towards outward- focused ministry. This helped us fund new church plants in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas; support missionaries in Uganda, the Navajo nation, and at the University of Arizona; spread the gospel to students through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA); aid in the recovery of victims of sexual abuse; and equipped our Deacons to better respond to the practical and financial needs of many in our church; and many other ministries. We believe we can be even more generous this year.

As you evaluate your year-end giving, we hope you will be cheerfully generous--for God is cheerfully generous to us. We are thankful for you and are eager to see how God will continue to use our generosity as an instrument to make the gospel of Jesus shine in the world.

Gifts can be made on any Sunday or at