We're excited to see you!

9:00am & 10:45am

Our gathering for worship and fellowship is an incomparable blessing--and we are grateful for the opportunity we now have to do that. Services are limited to 50 people, per service. Registration is strongly appreciated.

You can now reserve a seat for worship through the end of the year.
This helps us to plan in advance for classrooms & volunteers.
Click here to reserve your seats.

Holy Cross Kids

For the time-being, Holy Cross Kids will be open for Nursery and PreK age groups.  For now, our 1st-5th graders will continue joining their parents in the sanctuary. To help maintain a responsible environment, we are temperature checking children upon check-in, as well as volunteers. Additionally, we are asking volunteers to wear masks while they are leading the classroom. Lastly, we ask that children do not arrive with snacks or water bottles (preK only). Water from disposable cups will be served as needed. 

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LIVESTREAM at 9:00 & 10:45. CLICK HERE to watch services live. Please take a look below at how we plan to keep one another safe and healthy when we gather.

Commonsense Practices

If you, or someone you have come in contact with, have symptoms of COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19, please review guidance HERE before regathering with the church.  

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Those who are sick are encouraged to stay home, and we will honor all those who choose to stay home at this time.

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Our greeters will interact without contact and we encourage all to adjust how you greet one another. Please use a wave or smile instead of a handshake and hug.

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Capacity in the sanctuary will be reduced to allow for distancing. Please allow 1-2 seats between you and another family.

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Face coverings which cover the mouth and nose must be worn while attending a worship service. (See the Pima County Proclamation below).

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Hand-sanitzer stations are available in the sanctuary, welcome area, and all the classrooms. Please utilize as you enter and exit.

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All high-touch surfaces will be disinfected before and between services.

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 Communion will be individually packed for minimized touch.

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We will not be serving coffee or donuts in the welcome area, but you are welcome to bring your own coffee into the sanctuary.

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We encourage all to avoid grouping in the welcome area before or after worship. Consider moving outside for catching up with others.

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We will continue to livestream our services, beginning at 9:00am 

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  • The Pima County Proclamation states, "Every person must wear a face covering that completely and snugly covers the person's nose and mouth when the person is in a public place and cannot easily maintain a continuous distance of at least six feet from all other persons."
  • For a list of exempt persons (which include children under 2, those with medical restrictions, and those who can maintain a continuous distance of 6 feet from others) please see the full resolution HERE.