From the March 10th congregational meeting

Dear Church,

We were overjoyed to see so many of you come out to our recent congregational meeting on March 10th. Thank you for investing time and energy to hear about these important ministry updates that impact us all. Several of our leaders shared stories of how they've seen God move in their ministry. We heard about the positive impact of adding a second worship service last Fall, our growing ministry to our youth (the "church of today"), the fruit of your generous outward-focused giving towards church-planting and missionaries, and the work of our Deacons in meeting practical needs of the sick, lonely, and hurting. We have countless reasons to give God praise. Our growing ministry is "icing" to God's steadfast love for his church.

If you missed our gathering we also shared two "forward-looking" announcements that flow from our desire to faithfully steward his blessings to our church. We shared the good news that one of our elders, Peter Zimmer, will be joining our leadership team in a full-time capacity and we introduced the REACH Initiative. You can see more details on each, below:

Peter Zimmer

It was a couple years ago that the elders had begun to talk seriously about what appeared to be a call to full-time vocational ministry for Peter Zimmer. Peter has spent almost 10 years as a medic with the Golder Ranch Fire District, while serving as a part-time elder and Director of Family Discipleship at Holy Cross. We had hoped one day that God would make a way for Peter to serve our church in a greater capacity--while pursuing a path to seminary and becoming a pastor. We are excited to let you know that the time has come and Peter will transition to full-time ministry at Holy Cross on March 17th. His new title will be Director of Family and Community and will expand to address our growing need to connect people to our mission as we strive to make healthier our Life Groups, train leaders, and serve as a liaison between new guests and our community. He will continue to serve in all aspects related to our ministry to children and families. Please join me in giving God praise and welcoming Peter in his new endeavor. 

REACH Initiative

Our REACH Initiative aims to pursue a lasting presence in our community through a new church home. Through it we hope to raise the necessary funds to secure a new church building where we worship, fellowship, and engage in greater gospel-training. Since our church began we have only passively pursued a permanent home of our own and the need continues to build. We believe it is time to implement a much more active vision for creating a lasting presence in our community. The REACH Initiative speaks to our desire for the gospel to move deep into our hearts, connect the gospel to families and neighborhoods for generations to come, and our willingness to go beyond our own fellowship and embrace Jesus' command to be a faithful witness. Throughout the coming year(s) we are going to be more active and prayerful in our raising of necessary funds for a new church building. Please join us by praying, investing in the initiative, and reaching beyond yourself to join in what God is doing at Holy Cross. Go to the REACH Initiative.

Your elders are honored to serve you and alongside you as we seek to magnify God's glory, live as God's people, and engage in God's mission. 2019, and beyond, belongs to the Lord. He's already there and promises his faithfulness to his church.

Keeping our eyes on Him,

-Pastor Pete Rehrmann