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  • What is a Gospel-Centered Family?

    By Peter Zimmer

    Th Good News of Jesus rescuing God’s good creation from sin for all eternity isn’t just a ticket to heaven.  It is something that has power for every moment of our lives now and forever.  It completely changes everything about how we experience life; how we engage trials, suffering, celebrations, time, money, power, sex, parenting, friendships, work, church and more.  Keep Reading...

  • How to avoid strife this christmas

    by pete rehrmann

    The next handful of days will brings many opportunities to engage in joyful celebrations. And the best of this season is experienced in community with others. These opportunities for strife, gossip, and frustration, too. Keep reading...

  • 'Tis the season

    by peter zimmer, Dir. of family discipleship

    Have you ever characterized your Thanksgiving and Christmas season as worshipful? We need to sit. And believe. And revel in the gospel and intentionally look to orient our practices, presence, and praises this holiday season in a way that both reflects and reinforces the power of the gospel in our lives.  Keep reading...