Job Opening

Holy Cross is currently looking to hire a full time Director of Worship. This position could be modified to be a part-time worship leader position, if needed. 

We exist to magnify God's glory through gospel-saturated worship, live as God's people in gospel-centered community, and engage in God's gospel-fueled mission. If you feel called to be a part of this mission as an employee of Holy Cross Church, we encourage you to review the job description below and complete the application that follows. Thank you!



Holy Cross Church is a 6-year old congregation in Northwest Tucson, Arizona and borders the rapidly growing town of Marana, Arizona. We are seeking a qualified and committed full-time ministry leader who will be responsible for providing leadership for Sunday worship and other pastoral duties critical to our gospel-centered discipleship.

This position will be best suited for a candidate who not only can lead the congregation musically and vocally, but also has a proven ability and affirmed calling to minister to God’s people. The candidate will see himself more than a band member and is expected to provide doctrinal instruction to the congregation, and biblical exhortation like a pastor does. 

Our time on Sunday is not merely to learn information about God but to celebrate and re-orient our lives around the gospel of Jesus and his work for us. We do this through singing songs, opening up the Bible to hear of God’s redemptive plan fulfilled in Jesus, and reminding ourselves of his promise to us as we are sent out into our lives and culture with the good news. We are gospel-centered (God’s good news of grace that centers on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus). We are outward-focused. We pursue genuine and authentic community with one another. 


Holy Cross Church is a predominantly young-family and young-career congregation with our largest age demographic between 30-50 years old. However, as we grow we are becoming increasingly diverse in age and otherwise. Our style of worship is contemporary, yet intentional to use modern arrangements of traditional elements including hymns, creeds, and ancient confessions. Our liturgy is structured, yet comprehendible, and moves through a rhythm of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation focus (God is holy, we have sinned, Jesus saves us, we are sent to bless).


The worship director should demonstrate a mature Christian faith and be in agreement with HCC’s doctrinal beliefs (available on website). The candidate should meet the qualifications for elders as laid out in 1 Timothy 3, and Titus 1. The position is open to ordained or non-ordained applicants. 

Qualities we desire in an ideal Director of Worship include:

Spiritually mature: Able to articulate their beliefs with comfort and above reproach in words and actions. 

Humble, authentic, and a man of integrity: Able to speak the truth in love, avoids lip-service, and is not easily influenced by social pressures or the praise of man.

Reformed view of salvation: This means when it comes to ‘how a person is saved’, we rest in the sovereignty of God and proclaim that “by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” (see Ephesians 2:1-10)

Proven leader: Necessary to guide and encourage the different talents and personalities within the worship team, and proven ability to reach personal and professional goals.

Effective communicator.

Relational skills and enthusiastic presence.

Skilled in vocal and instrumental direction: Including the use of hymns and contemporary music.

Skilled in organization and administration: This includes setting personal and ministry goals, meeting deadlines, planning, and communicating with volunteers under care.

Skilled in the use of technology used in worship and sound: Including computers, Planning Center, and Pro Presenter softwares.


The right person will join a core team of leaders who play an integral part in the shaping and leadership of our church. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity to grow as a leader in a complex and diverse ministry setting and will be equipped to better minister to God’s people, navigate difficult situations, and point people to Christ.


Order of Service 

The complete scheduling and preparations for Sunday morning worship in partnership with the lead pastor, including selecting songs, arranging flow of service, and incorporating other elements as needed. Also, plan seasonal or occasional worship services as needed. 

Leadership & Coaching 

Recruiting, training, and coaching team in different aspects of being a worship leader as it relates to spiritual health, musical skill, and gospel-centrality. 


Training and recruiting tech volunteers. Oversee sound and video equipment. Prepare all service related slides, announcements, and lyrics. 


Weekly communication, coaching, and planning with lead pastor. 

Other Leadership Ministry

This position will be responsible to oversee and sustain additional areas of ministry that best suit the applicant and our church's current needs (for instance: Youth and family ministry, small group leadership, community outreach, etc). Since this position is a combination of musical leadership as well as discipleship ministry, he will work in partnership with the lead pastor to share ministry load. Some areas may fit well within your gifts and abilities, and sometimes you may be asked to go outside of your comfort zone to accomplish ministry tasks and serve the church. 


As with any leadership position, this role comes with great responsibility. Therefore, we expect this leader to:

  • Maintain a healthy relationship with God.
  • Be above reproach in thought, word, and action.
  • Demonstrate healthy church membership practices including: financial stewardship and giving to God's Kingdom, regular fellowship with the body of Christ, and pursuing reconciliation when appropriate.
  • Love, pursue, and pray for the community of Holy Cross.
  • Invest in your personal development as a leader as it relates to specific job responsibilities and ministry philosophy.


This is a full-time (or part-time) position with a base salary that may increase according to experience, education, and/or additional skills or responsibilities not listed in this description. Responsibilities and position may increase as church continues to grow. 

In addition to following the application link below, please send a cover letter and resume to