PHIL. 4:17

Dear Holy Cross Church, 

I was initially hesitant to post a year-end report like this. Charts with financial figures and attendance totals (like the ones below) have the tendency to communicate the wrong message. That message sounds a little like this: “Your value as a church participant can be boiled down to how much you give and how often you attend.” The aim of this letter couldn’t be further from that message. I’m reminded often of Paul’s words to the Philippian church when he reflected on their financial giving by writing, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” Paul is so eager to celebrate their faithful giving, not because he is excited about the gift itself but rather what it signifies and produces. And so, I write to you in the same way. 

Look at what God has done at Holy Cross! Your giving is nothing less than a sacrificial act of love for God, his people, and the gospel-fueled ministry of Holy Cross. When you give to the church you are expressing a love for our shared friendship, our koinonia; you willingly connect your money with God’s redemptive purposes all around the world; and you are making a declaration of true worship--that our lives and everything in them ought to be lived for God, through God, and with God. 

Be amazed with me, won’t you? In 2018 we gave away more money than ever to spread the gospel through church-planting, international and local missions, campus missions, and mercy ministries. We’ve seen the multiplication of our Sunday worship service from one to two and the gospel is growing in the hearts of our people in real, visible ways. I thank God for you and your partnership in the gospel. 2019 belongs to the Lord. He’s already there and will bring to pass his good plans for his glory and our joy.

Let’s join him with cheerful anticipation.


We desire to be a church marked by cheerful generosity that flows from a deep awareness of God's grace to us. We are blessed by your desire to invest in God's kingdom and grateful for your friendship as we seek to magnify God's glory, live as God's people, and engage in God's mission. 

Please forward any questions about your giving statement to giving@holycrosstucson.com