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Building Committee

Holy Cross' lease on our current building is set to expire after the summer of 2019. We could choose to extend our lease, but with some time remaining, we desire to evaluate and explore our best-case scenario for the future.

The Building Committee is a unique opportunity for a handful of people to carefully consider and develop recommendations to the Elders on key factors related to our building use in light of capacity, use, and overall mission of our church. This could involve ideas on how to optimize current space or explore options to secure a more suitable and mission-forward space in the near future.

The membership of the committee is intended to include a mix of men and women who bring experienced insight into the relative areas of hospitality, real estate, aesthetics, room functionality, comfortability, construction, etc. If you feel called to bring your skill and creativity to this committee, we encourage you to apply. The committee leader will follow up with all applicants for further details. Space is limited.

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