A Plan For God's Family

We are so thrilled to announce a familiar face serving in a new role at Holy Cross. Peter Zimmer will be using his passion for building healthy families as our new Director of Family Discipleship. Peter and his wife, Carrie, are charter members of Holy Cross and have served our church family in various ways for many years. While he confesses to be "no expert" when it comes to family discipleship, Peter demonstrates an above-reproach discipline and faithfulness when it comes to leading and loving his wife and three daughters according to God's wisdom; by setting a Godly example of servant leadership in the home and church, in public and private worship, in the pursuit of meaningful fellowship, and in the sacrificial use of his gifts.

Whether you have young children, grown children, or no children--one of the most meaningful descriptions of the church in the Bible is that of a spiritual family. God graciously calls us into relationship with himself and adopts us to be his children. It is within the context of this spiritual family that we exist to make disciples of our youngest members, while partnering with parents to be faithful to all that God has called them to be.

A Joyful Partnership

Parents have been appointed by God to be an irreplaceable tool in his powerful hands for the purpose of training children in the gospel. The goal of parenting is not merely to make well-behaved adults, but to see each child trust in the gospel and embrace Jesus with a personal faith that extends into every area of their lives. The church is never meant to replace parents, but to assist, equip, and encourage them in this essential task. As a response to our growing need in our church, we trust this new position will help us pursue with more diligence meaningful pathways to encourage and equip parents, children, and students--as well as expand our ministry into the future.

We pray for God's blessing in this ministry in order to build healthy parents, children, and families. Thank you for growing with us, for trusting God with us, and partnering with us as we make disciples of Jesus who magnify God's glory, live as God's people, and engage in God's mission.