Exodus: The Epic Journey of Being Drawn Closer to God

The Story of Exodus is a story that you and I can relate to--because it is a story of how God's people can experience deep hardship without explanation, loss without purpose, and hostility and betrayal without protection. At times, our past failures and present struggles haunt us with no relief in sight. Life for God's people on earth will consist of long seasons where our circumstances do not appear to match up with God's promises. 

The story of Exodus reveals a God who is unbelievably powerful and overwhelmingly compassionate. This God has made himself known to us--he hears us, sees us, knows us, pursues us, rescues us, and blesses us. And, everything that comes our way, even pain and struggle, is intended to draw us closer to him.

March 7 - Exodus 1:1-10 - The life of the people of God, then and now - Life Group pdf

March 14 - Exodus 1:8-22 - The Fear of God that leads to life - Life Group pdf

March 21 - Exodus 2:1-10 - Suffering and the providential care of God - Life Group pdf

March 28 - Exodus 2:11-22 - The great reversal - Life Group pdf

April 4 - Out of Series - Easter 

April 11 - Exodus 2:23-25 - What drives us to God and what drives God to us - Life Group pdf

April 18 - Exodus 3:1-15 - The God who was, is, and forever will be - Life Group pdf

April 25 - Exodus 3:10-4:17 - God's plan and our insecurity - Life Group pdf

May 2 - Exodus 4:14-31 - The God who is sufficient - Life Group pdf

May 9 - Exodus 5:1-6:13 - How God addresses our rejection, failure, suffering, and doubt - Life Group pdf

May 16 - Exodus 6:14-30 - Our individuality, identity, and God's authority - Life Group pdf

May 23 - Exodus 7:1-13 - God's hands and our hearts - Life Group pdf

May 30 - Exodus 7:14-11:10 - The God of wonders - Life Group pdf

June 6 - Exodus 12:1-13:16 - Remember and respond - Life Group pdf

June 13 - Exodus 13:17-14:31 - Our faithful companion - Life Group pdf

June 20 - Exodus 15:1-27 - Walking everyday by grace, through faith - Life Group pdf