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Elder Election

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March 5, 2023

9:00am – 11:30am

The members of Holy Cross have the privilege and responsibility to nominate and elect elders in the church. Our elders provide leadership to the church by exercising spiritual oversight--through prayer and teaching; protecting the church from error; and caring through the work of discipleship. The following men have gone through a careful assessment of personal godliness, exemplary modeling of healthy participation in the life of the church, and sense of call to the office of elder.


A blind ballot election will be held during the worship service on March 5, 2023. All members are strongly encouraged to attend.

{Sample Ballot}


Justin Tyner - Elder Candidate


When did you begin worshipping with Holy Cross Church?

Audrey and I began attending Holy Cross in November of 2014. A year into our marriage and at the beginning of what we expected to be a 3-4 year assignment with the Air Force in Tucson. We were looking for a PCA church, and stumbled on Holy Cross through a friend. We’ve fallen in love with the gospel community here and have grown up as Christians in our marriage, and raised all three of our girls here.

Tell us about your familiy? Do you have any special family traditions or hobbies that you enjoy together?

God has blessed Audrey and I with three daughters--Chloe (6), Allie (4), Lila (1)--and Holy Cross is all they know of when they think about church. Our traditions are simple, but we love them and that is pizza and movie night on Saturdays, and the girls run around the house and layout all of the pillows into a big ‘pillow mattress’, and we spend as many Saturdays as we can outside.

What excites you about being an elder at this time?

I am excited to be reliant more than ever before on the gospel as I join the session in serving the community and the institution at Holy Cross. I am humbled to be called into this position, and I look forward to witnessing in increased frequency the work that God is doing here.

How can we be praying for you?

Please pray for my heart and mind, that my belief in the complete fullness of the grace we receive through Christ would grow more and more. Pray for Audrey as taking on this commitment means more time ministering and serving our family in my absence. Pray for our home, that it would continue to be a place of peace and where God’s heart is shown and his truth is spoken in love, by our girls, but especially by Audrey and I.

Jon Bickerton - Elder Candidate


When did you begin worshipping with Holy Cross Church?

We began attending Holy Cross in 2010 as one of the founding launch team members, meeting in Pete and Jenná's living room. I love Holy Cross. While it would be easy to list things that enhance. my worship experience, I think the central focus on the gospel through both fun and difficult times has been transformative for me. Our church certainly has real joys and struggles and I'm glad God has placed me here to both be blessed and to do whatever I can to be a blessing to our community. 

Tell us about your familiy? Do you have any special family traditions or hobbies that you enjoy together?

I have been married to my wife, Jenn, for 19 years. We have three children--Gwendolyn (14), Augustine (12), and Knox (10). Not so much of a tradition, but everyone in the family loves sushi so we try to go out for sushi on a somewhat regular basis. 

What excites you about being an elder at this time?

Just practically speaking, I'm really looking forward to more opportunity and accountability to serve the church and the joy that comes along with that (also the growth). 

How can we be praying for you?

Balance is always a struggle so i can definitely use prayer to keep first things first and devote an appropriate amount of time to my various spheres of responsibility, e.g. family, church, work, etc.

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