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Current Phase: Phase 1

3-phase plan

3 pursuits: love, unity, wisdom

Tips for grace-filled conversations

We are committed to a patient and appropriately cautious process of re-engaging together as a church with in-person gatherings. As of Sunday, May 17th, we will enter into phase 1 of our 3-phase plan.

This phase is best understood as a mixture of online and small in-person gatherings for those who desire to participate. Please read below for how to participate with us. 

current phase- phase 1

What is new in this phase?

  • Gather in homes with 2-3 families (or ≤ 10 people).
  • Watch the worship service, pray together, and enjoy meaningful fellowship.
  • All ages.

Q + A

Do we to have to gather with others? 

Of course not. This is a great next step for those who are comfortable to gather with others. If you choose not to meet in-person with others, we support you and understand. We will continue to record our services for online viewing. In addition, vulnerable individuals are advised to continue to shelter in place during this phase. 

How do we find a host home? 

If you are looking for a home to meet in, here are some things you can do:

      1. Reach out to your Life Group leader. They may be able to connect you with a host home. 
      2. Consider being a host and invite a family or two to join you for Sunday worship.
      3. If you still don't have a host home but would like to find one, we would like to help. Fill out this form and our Director of Family & Community (Peter Zimmer) will follow up asap.

What will happen during these in-person gatherings? 

We envision these being relationally meaningful and worshipful gatherings. A suggested format is as follows:

        • Welcome and getting settled
        • Opening with prayer and checking in with one another
        • Watch the worship service online (singing, bible lesson, prayer, and kids activity-if desired)
        • Sermon discussion questions
        • Prayer requests and closing
        • Suggested gathering duration: 2 hours

I'm a host, how can I best prepare for home worship with others?

We've put together a Hosting Home Worship guide with some helpful ways to create a hospitable environment for others.

Will social distancing and hygiene protocols be in place?

We encourage all hosts and participants to adhere to the social guidance from federal health officials with regards to social distancing and hygiene practices as best as they are able. If you desire to wear a mask, please feel free to do so. If you don't want to wear a mask, you are welcome not do. We invite all to use commonsense and above all to embody a posture of love, service, and concern for others when we meet. Our hosts will be encouraged to consider best practices when it comes to seating arrangements, food and beverage preparations, hand-washing and hand sanitizer options for participants. Consider also:

  • When it comes to hugging and handshaking, consider alternatives. Assume others are practicing social distancing. If you are ready for a hug or a handshake, make sure the other peson is on the same page. Don't shame others if they are not ready for physical contact. Remain 6 feet apart.

How can we best include and participate with our young children during these gatherings?

Great question! We will continue to provide weekly resources that can be downloaded for parents to utilize during the worship service. This includes incorporating our Holy Cross Kids Bible lesson and accompanying "activity pages".

Will The Lord's Supper be served during these gatherings?

No. We very much look forward to participating together in the cherished sacrament of The Lord's Supper when we come together for worship in the future. Until then, we kindly ask all to not serve The Lord's Supper in their homes.

*Out of a humble desire to honor our governing authorities and to love our neighbor, our phases will continue to happen in accordance with the guidelines provided by federal health officials.