We will be recording Sunday Services and posting on our sermons page to view anytime after 9:00am on Sunday.




  • Sunday Worship Services have been suspended until further notice. We will continue to follow federal and state guidance for group gatherings and will keep you updated once those restrictions have been lifted. Video recordings of our service will be posted on our sermon page.
  • Family Camp has been cancelled at the direction of the UCYC campgrounds which are shutting down all operations for at least the next 8 weeks. 
  • REACH Sunday scheduled for 3/28 has been postponed, TBD


For many, the likely reaction to the growing news of its spread and severity may be best described as anxiety, fear, and worry. We know that God’s love is not a guarantee of comfort or health in this life but may it never be said that God’s people are led more by fear than faith. Worry is never our friend. Rather than worry, Jesus invites his church to trust in our Heavenly Father who knows us, loves us, and will not abandon us. (Matthew 6:33-34). We are also instructed to “…not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6).

Worry is common to us all. But let us not give into the delusion of self-sufficiency. We often think that the value of our life depends on accomplishing our plans and the ability to control our circumstances. Sickness, and the threat of sickness, is often an instrument to remind us that we are completely dependant on God with every breath. God invites us to remember his assurance that he is in our midst, he knows our struggles, and is powerful enough to bring about his good plans for us.

Consider Jesus--who willingly suffered and died, diseased by our sin--was afflicted, killed, buried, and is risen. The essence of faith is not the absence of worry, but our trust in God’s ability to hold us up. 

Let this be a time to bring our prayers to God, moving towards him and seeking his will and favor for our health, family, and neighbor. It is too easy to forget the call to love our neighbor in times like these—leading to the practice of thinking only of the self and asking “What’s the risk to me”? The spread of the coronavirus creates abundant opportunity to share the love and care of Christ in the midst of so much fear and uncertainty. Jesus stepped into our sickness, sin, and death. So, too, we are called to show compassion and selfless love to those in our community. 

How can we do this? A way to love your neighbor (and practical public-health wisdom) is to be more attentive and vigilant if you, or a member of your family, are experiencing even mild respiratory symptoms—and to stay home if that’s the case. We will continue to evaluate current preparations for all ministry activities as a way to limit or suppress the spread of the virus. We will continue to be advised by health-care professionals within our church and keep a close watch on the progress and spread of the disease in our city. Any changes to our normal church activities will be communicated via email and posted on our website. If you’d like to get our email updates, please sign up here.

And finally—take heart. Remain prayerful for those affected by this pandemic, healthcare professionals, local and government officials around the world, and others stewarding their gifts to aid in the welfare of others. Because of Jesus' Lordship over all creation and his love for his church, these things are certain: The bad things will not last. God’s good will never be taken from us. And the best things are always yet to come. 


For all of these upcoming events, our leadership is closely monitoring what our local government and health professionals advise and discerning as a leadership team how to proceed.

Sunday Worship Services

As of now, we are taking things week-to-week. Our leadership is closely monitering the situation. We will post updates at the top of this page with latest updates. Regardless of what happens at our physical location, Sunday services will be broadcast online via live feed video starting Sunday, March 22.

Magnify Ministry

Our monthly Magnify event for March 15 has been cancelled. We will provide an update later in the month regarding the April Magnify event.

Life Groups

All Life Groups are on spring break for the week of March 16 - 20. Our leadership is closely monitoring the situation and will update our group leaders regarding meetings beyond March 20. 

Family Camp, April 2-4

Family Camp has been cancelled at the direction of the UCYC camp, which is shutting down all operations for the next 8 weeks. Registrations will be refunded. 

Easter Sunday, April 12

Our leadership is closely monitoring the situation. Regardless of what happens at our physical location, Easter will broadcast via live feed online.


The welfare of our church and community is incredibly important to us. Here are the new measures we have added at our church:

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations: In addition to the existing hand sanitizer stations at each classroom, we have added 2 new hand sanitizer stations. One is located in the welcome area and the other is located at the back of the Sanctuary. We ask that adults and children make use of these stations when you enter and exit. 
  • The Lord's Supper: Instead of receiving the elements down each aisle, an individualized serving of The Lord's Supper will be at each chair in the seat-rack in front of you. We ask that you keep these elements until we receive them together during the service.
  • "Greeting One Another": For the time-being, we will be suspending the "Greet-one-another" portion of our service. We highly value this friendly greeting time but reducing our hand-shaking seems prudent in the current environment. 
  • Well-Child and Adult Policy: Please review and observe our "well-child" policy which states that if anyone has symptoms (even mild) of a contagious illness, to not attend services. We also encourage common public health practices like hand-washing, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and avoiding close contact with others if you are ill. 
  • Increased cleaning measures: We are increasing the frequency of our cleaning and disinfecting of the toys and surfaces in our kids' rooms and common areas. Cleanings will now happen between and after worship services. Appropriate items will be laundered and items that cannot be cleaned will be removed from the classrooms for the time being.


If you have any questions or specific needs, our leadership is ready to help in any way we can. Please email your questions or needs to and a leader will follow up soon.