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Support Our Medical Professionals



Initial goal: 230 shields | Sponsored: 230 (100%)

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Our medical professionals are in great need of protective gear, in particular face shields. Our church has several doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals scattered throughout the city. One member is a floor supervisor in the Intensive Care Unit at UMC Banner in Tucson. We have assembled and are delivering dozens of face shields to UMC Banner to express our support and love to all our medical professionals. 

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We had hoped this would be an opportunity for our church to personally assemble and deliver these shields--an oppportunity for hands on expression of sacrificial love. However, out a concern for the welfare of others and to minimize social interaction, we decided not to make this opportunity available. 

BUT - you can still be involved in this expression of support to our medical professionals, while supporting the needs of others at Holy Cross.

Here's how:

  • Our Deacon Fund is used specifically to help in the financial and physical needs of people in our church. This includes rent, utilities, groceries, auto repairs, and many other needs. Our deacons need resources more than ever.
  • You can sponsor a face shield to a medical professional in need by making a donation to our deacon fund. 
  • Holy Cross is providing the face shields, but you can engage in this great opportunity while knowing that you are blessing those in need in our church and in our city. 
  • Below you can see what different donations sponsor. (We are happy to receive any donation in any amount).

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