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Current Phase: Phase 2

3-phase plan

3 pursuits: love, unity, wisdom

Tips for grace-filled conversations

When we begin to have in-person gatherings again, we strive to follow the recommendations of the CDC for cleaning and social distancing practices, including the following: 

Sanctuary and worship service

  • Limiting the size of gatherings in accordance with the guidance of state and local authorities and in accordance with the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.
  • We will be suspending the "Greet-one-another" portion of our service.
  • Continuing livestreaming and online options.
  • Space out seating at least six feet apart when possible; limiting seating to alternate rows and other measures.
  • Pre-packaged communion cups/juice at each chair prior to service to avoid shared contact.
  • Financial gifts made online and through box only (no physical passing of offering bag).
  • Printed bulletins on chairs prior to service.
  • Greeters opening doors at entrances.

Common Area

  • Coffee and donuts will no longer be provided before and after the service. You are welcome to bring your own beverage into the sanctuary.
  • Appropriate hygiene supplies in all bathrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer stations positioned in common area, sanctuary, and all classrooms.
  • Signs, where necessary, to promote protective measures.

Kids Rooms

  • No more self check-in. Assisted check-in will be provided. 
  • We are increasing the frequency of our cleaning and disinfecting of the toys and surfaces in our kids' rooms and common areas. Cleanings will now happen between and after worship services. Appropriate items will be laundered and items that cannot be cleaned will be removed from the classrooms for the time being.
  • We will follow specific guidance for childcare rooms.
  • Training all childcare volunteers and leaders in above safety actions to ensure appropriate social distancing at each phase is maintained.