Our history is full of God's unexpected graces and providential kindness. We have been encouraged by many along the way and have benefitted from the sacrificial love of our ministry friends and partners. We are a work in progress but continue to be see God exceed our expectations as we seek to follow him by faith.

APRIL 2010

Holy Cross began as a diverse group of 17 people, meeting in a living room to start a church rich in gospel teaching, authentic community, and a love for the people of our city. We talked a lot about our mission and the things that would come to shape our convictions and practices. Things like family, accountability, discipleship, community, sacrificial love, God-centered worship, and mission were discussed a lot over the course of 6 months. 


As a newly unified Launch Team, we began meeting for weekly worship in a rented out church on Sunday evenings. We began inviting friends, neighbors, and co-workers to worship with us and engage in gospel-centered life together. In October of 2011 we officially launched our evening worship services.  

APRIL 2011

Our first Easter service was special. Not having a worship space of our own, we met outside in Sanctuary Cove, an outside amphitheater overlooking our neighborhoods that God has given us a heart to love. Sanctuary Cove continued to be a blessing for future Easter services as well as Christmas Eve celebrations. 


We made the big move from an evening service to Sunday morning. This also marked our move to a rented retail space in the heart of our target area. This new space allowed for 7-days a week access for small groups, ministry to kids, and a worship space that we could make our own.  


A big milestone for our church was our "Particularization". It was an important transition in our church from being a church in infancy to a church able to support and govern itself through its own pastors and leaders. This event was marked by a big celebration of God's faithfulness to our prayers to gather a new gosple-centered church in Tucson.

MARCH 2014

At max-capacity in our kids rooms, and in need of more space, we acquire the remaining vacancy in our retail space. This space helps us to add classrooms for our growing kids ministry and expand our ministry for grades K-5. 

2016 - the legacy

The most significant visional pursuit towards the end of 2015 and into 2016 was our Legacy Vision. The elders of the church initiated a direction for Holy Cross that was outward-focused and gospel-centered in a big way. Committed to joining Jesus in His legacy to make and mature disciples, we committed to 10% overall giving towards outward-focused works locally, in domestic church planting, and in international missions. In addition, the hiring of a second full-time ministry leader helped us to make and mature disciples with greater intentionality and fruitfulness.  > Learn more about our Legacy Vision

The future

Because the gospel is "...the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..." we will continue to be bold with this great message to our city. We pray that God expands our borders, broadens are ministry reach, and cultivates more and more fruitfulness at Holy Cross for His glory and our joy.